Planet Hollywood, London

Our visit to Planet Hollywood, London

What our Daughter thought:

‘We went to Planet Hollywoood in London. It was an unexpected visit and was soooo much fun. Me and my brother both got a Planet Hollywood T-Shirt, we also got one for our older brother Henry. Then we ordered our drinks and our meal. After our meal Nicholas went upstairs with Sarah (The sales manager at Planet Hollywood.) He went to meet the DJ and picked a song especially for me which was ‘We are never geting back together’ by Taylor Swift. At Planet Hollywood, they have different objects from different films. They even have the REAL Wonka bar from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.’

Amazingly, Planet Hollywood lives up to its name by displaying memorabilia from various Hollywood films within the restaurant.

I and my two children recently visited Planet Hollywood, and I could tell from the moment we arrived, that they would enjoy themselves.

For starters, Planet Hollywood has its own DJ, playing music and showing messages from people in the restaurant on large screens.

Secondly, my two were lucky enough to get a t-shirt from the in-store shop, which my kids thought was ‘really cool’.

My son, who at only 5 years old, was brave enough to ask if he could see the DJ in his box, way up above the restaurant, was lucky enough to have an exclusive visit, and loved putting on the headphones and looking down on everyone – this really made his day.

My daughter was in her element – looking at memorabilia from films such as ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Star Wars’.

Every few minutes a music video would finish and then the messages would come back on the screen, and guaranteed my two kids would look round and try to spot their names !

The lovely selection of food, makes my mouth water even now. From garlic bread, steaks, pizzas, burgers and pasta – there is something on the menu for even the fussiest of eaters (even though my son only had chips !)

The benefit of visiting with kids, if that they will probably spend ages trying to work out what to choose from the fantastic range of mels on offer for kids.

For just £8.95 (children 12 years & under) and includes a choice of one of the main dishes & a dessert & unlimited sodas, they can choose from:


Mixed greens topped with turkey, ham, tomato, swiss cheese & croutons


Penne pasta sautéed with fresh tomato & basil sauce topped with fresh grated Parmesan cheese


Spaghetti with meatballs

The following items come with a choice of garden peas or garden salad


Tender strips of chicken breaded with a sweet, crunchy coating served with french fries


Fresh ground beef patty grilled medium to well & served on our special hollywood roll


Ham & cheese toasted sandwich served with french fries




Two scoops of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce & fresh cream

I enjoyed a lovely cold beer, as a reward for traipsing my kids round London before our visit to the restaurant.

Planet Hollywood is a great place to visit, with family or friends, and is so child friendly, the waiters have to be on their toes to watch out for the kids running around.

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