Build a Bear workshop

We were invited to visit a Build a Bear workshop with our children, so they could experience what Build a Bear offer.

We took along our 4 year old son, Nicholas, our daughter Faith and her best friend (BFF) Emily.

It sounds a fantastic idea: You get to choose a bear, stuff the bear with soft fluff, add a heart or sound, make a wish, give your bear a wash, choose an outfit, shoes and accessories, then register your bear for Build-A-Bearville, the online world that lets your bear come to life, and then you get a wonderful birth certificate.

As soon as they saw the sign from the precinct, the smiles arrived on their faces.

The staff were absolutely lovely – smiling all the time – and they gave our children a sticker each with their name, and then explained what they were going to do.

They each chose a lovely bear, but I liked my 4 year old sons the best – a yellow turtle, that he named ‘Bananas’ !

They stuffed the bears, and washed them, and made a wish.

Whilst doing this, the staff got them all to dance and this make our children laugh.

Then they chose an outfit for their bears, and got them dressed.

My son didn’t want an outfit – he wanted ‘Bananas’ the way he was – so instead he chose two noises for him, which were placed in his paws so he could listen to him make a noise whenever he wanted.

Then our children went over to register their bears – this means that if your children ever loose their bears – they can be found, as there is a bar code inside the bear and the bear can then be reunited with its owner.

They printed off their bear certificates, and came home very happy children.

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