Hollywood Bowl Tunbridge Wells

Family fun, making memories at Hollywood Bowl Tunbridge Wells

Half term is a time when families can get together and spend some quality time together.

Spending a day out with your children is a fantastic way to get back those memories of when they were young – when children were easy to please, and all you had to do was visit a local park with a football and a picnic.

Nowadays, it seems that children prefer to spend time indoors, on their games consoles and in front of Netflix.

This half term we were given the chance to bring back those memories by spending a morning at Hollywood Bowl Tunbridge Wells.

Not only was this a great idea as bowling is the perfect way to spend some quality time together enjoying something that kids of all ages can enjoy, but something that parents can get really involved in.

We were invited along to experience Hollywood Bowl, with our three children – ages 10, 16 and 18 – finding something that the children of various ages can enjoy together is difficult, as they all have different interests, but bowling seemed to bring them together.

We enjoyed 2 games – the first was really a practice and the second was used to see if we could improve on the scores from our first game.

Needless of say, all of our children beat my wife and I.

After bowling, we were invited to try the new VR Zone Portal experience – something which my children absolutely loved.

All three of our children raced against each other in the Mario Kart VR – you get to sit in actual VR karts with full VR headset, and drive using the steering wheel and pedals – and my wife and I could watch on the screens and it was fantastic to see our children grabbing things and throwing them – all in Virtual Reality.

My youngest was brave enough to try ‘Fear of Heights’ – he was taken 200m above the ground in a hotel lift. Once the lift doors open, he had to walk out across the plank to retrieve the kitten. Then return it to safety by taking the lift back down to the ground floor.

My eldest was brave enough to try ‘Hospital Escape Terror’ – a haunted house escape challenge – he awoke to find himself restrained in a wheelchair and the idea is to start to make your way through the dark abandoned hospital to try to escape and as it was easier to survive with a friend – one of the ladies showing us round played along also and my Son really enjoyed it – although he did jump on a few occasions.

My daughter was happy playing Mario Kart and really enjoyed the VR experience.

After the VR games, we were treated to a lovely meal in the Hollywood Diner.

As we had all worked up an appetite we ordered a nice meal each – I enjoyed a lovely Superfood Salad, my wife enjoyed a lovely Chicken Burger, and our children enjoyed Chicken Nuggets, a BIG burger and a hotdog – complete with fries and a lovely refreshing drink.

Hollywood Bowl Tunbridge Wells really is a wonderful place to visit especially when the weather is miserable outside and the children are stuck for ideas of what to do.

And my wife loved having all three of our children together, which seems to be a rarity these days.

Find out more at www.hollywoodbowl.co.uk/vr?c=tunbridge-wells

If you’re looking for fun things to do head to your nearest Hollywood Bowl, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy! You can also save money by booking online 7 days in advance for the best prices.

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