A half term day out with animals

As it is half term, we were lucky enough to be able to visit a Build-A-Bear Workshop and Battersea Park Children’s Zoo.

Bright and early, we woke, and headed for the train station, with our three children, and I didn’t tell them where we were going – which was hard to keep a surprise from 3 excited children, but heading for London I hoped it would be a great day out.

We arrived headed for Covent Garden, and my children were very excited when they saw the Build-A-Bear Workshop.

The manager met us and took our children and explained what they could do.

They each chose a teddy, and then were asked to stuff their teddy’s. What was extra special was they could choose a nice smell to put in their teddy, including Bubble Gum and Strawberry.

Once they had made a wish on a heart, they put it inside and their teddy’s were sewed up. They then brushed their teddy’s and blew air on them to make them all fluffy.

My youngest son had a bright red ‘Spiderman’ teddy; my daughter had a ‘One Direction’ teddy, and my eldest chose a lovely lion with a fluffy mane.

Next it was on to choosing an outfit. They each chose a cool outfit to match, and the manager played some games with them, such as hiding in the store and then they had to find each other; hiding their teddy’s in the store, and my favourite, as it meant my 13 year old was embarrassed, was asking them all to stand outside the shop and shout in their loudest voices ‘I Love Build-A-Bear’ !

Here is the video:


Next it was on to Battersea Park Children’s Zoo.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is located next to the river Thames in Battersea Park.

It was lovely to walk down Battersea Park, in the sunshine and knowing that their was lots of play areas for the children, and lots of animals for them to see – I knew we were in for a memorable day.

My youngest spied one of the play areas before we had even got to the entrance. As soon as we had gone in, we headed for a play area and let them run around. There are several play areas, each with different equipment to play on, ranging from swings and slides, to bouncy circles and my children’s favourite was definitely the bouncy diving board – which they could bounce on and jump off – just like being at the swimming pool – without getting wet.

Here is the video:


My kids loved the squirrel monkeys, lemurs and coati and crawled through the tunnel to spy on the meerkats.

In the Mouse House they loved looking at the Corn Snake and the mice.

My daughter loved the rabbits and the donkeys.

All in all, a fantastic day out, from choosing a lovable, cuddy teddy at Build-A-Bear Workshop through to spending an afternoon surrounded by cuddly animals and wonderful play areas at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo.

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