The new Magic Tooth Fairy game

‘magically’ changes teeth into gold coins

The immensely popular Magic Tooth Fairy game (rrp £19.99) from Drumond Park, the UK’s leading independent games company, brings the wonder of ‘magic’ to board games, for girls and boys aged around 5 upwards. Fantastic graphics and great game play recreate the tension and nerve-tingling thrill of losing a tooth, together with the excitement of a visit from the Tooth Fairies!!

Players race to be the first to lose all their teeth and get the Tooth Fairies to swap them for gold coins. When they land on a ‘Go To Bed’ space, they put their tooth under the Magic Bed’s pillow, plunge the Tooth Fairy wand… and hey presto, when they lift up the pillow, the tooth has gone and in its place - a shiny gold coin! It’s ‘magic’!

With its Magic Bed – complete with a pillow compartment for hiding the teeth that you’ve ‘lost’ while playing the game - plus plastic mouths and pull-out teeth, the Magic Tooth Fairy game is like no other. It creates a sense of wonder – and that takes some doing with the kids of today. Watch a child play the Magic Tooth Fairy game - and see that look of delighted astonishment when their tooth really DOES disappear… to be replaced with shiny gold.

What we thought:

My son and daughter absolutely love this game. I guess its beacuse of the fact that they can win golden coins which is just like in real life.

We spent quite a while sitting down playing this and it was great fun to see the kids enjoying swapping their teeth for gold coins.

All in all, a fantastic game which should keep the younger kids amused for ages.

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