Weekend Box

How about adding a little passion and inspiration to your weekends?

Take a look at www.weekendboxclub.com for more information and to order your box.

Weekend Box is a revolutionary new concept for having Healthy, Green and Creative activities for your children aged 3 – 8 delivered right through your door every fortnight.

Each box contains 4 categories: Something to EAT (a healthy recipe with accompanying secret ingredient), Something to MAKE (a craft kit with all the materials required), Something GREEN (some seasonal seeds to plant or something to make with recycling/rubbish material) and Something to READ or WRITE (a creative story writing game, for example).

Boxes are sent out in time for the weekend every fortnight and since everything’s included in the box, all you have to do is have fun with your little ones.

My youngest son is 6 and I wasn't sure if the Weekend Box would appeal to him, as he loves playing the Wii and XBOX, but I was pleasantly surprised when he loved opening the box.

There was something to cook together, something to create together, something to plant together and something to write together.

My daughter also wanted to get involved and helped my son create some lovely things.

A weekend well spent making and creating, instead of sitting on from of the TV or games console, and alleviates the 'I'm Bored!'