The Prosok Bamboo Wool socks from

Introducing Prosok, the ultimate obstacle course racing sock that you'll never want to take off. Made from Hygroweave bamboo, Prosok will mould to your individual foot shape, absorb shock, regulate your foot's temperature and wick moisture away all whilst being incredibly comfortable with anti-odour and anti-microbial technology. 

As athletes from various sports, the Prosok team were frustrated when searching for the perfect sock, so decided to make their own. Tested extensively in the US by obstacle course racing pro athletes in environments from training to extreme events such as the Peak Races Death Race.

Technology and Nature is a powerful combination. Prosok socks are made using certified organic bamboo, a fast growing renewable resource that is natural, environmentally friendly, durable and as a living organism, it breathes (allowing your feet to breathe). Prosok has applied modern technology to bamboo to improve upon its natural technical benefits.

Prosok is available in black with blue, green or pink detailing and is a 9cm sock which sits between the mid and top of your ankle. 

I wasn't too sure about trying another pair of running socks, as I have tried many, and they all seem to fit differently, have a different feel when running and shrink in the wash so are tight to get on after washing.

But I can safely say that the Prosok running socks are wonderful. Snug to the fit, but not too tight; soft on the bottom of the foot and easy to get on and take off. The benefit of these socks is that you have to wash them first and they then work their magic.

I wore them on several different runs, trail and flat roads, and the socks never bunched up, never moved between my toes and I didnt get any blisters. They feel really comfortable on my toes, a few of which have fallen off when Ive done marathons, but these are really great socks.

A brilliant pair of socks to fit all athletes.