I was introduced to The Sub Sports brand recently and after taking a look at their website and the products available, was very impressed by the range and choice available.

The great thing about these products is that each base layer product has been researched and tested not only by test labs at Loughborough University but by actual athletes.

The material of the baselayers is made of moisture wicking fabric and each garment is graded upon the UK Climates (COLD, HEAT, DUAL, ELITE).

My little running buddy Aimee was invited to test the Sub Cold – a thermal baselayer and Sub Cold Shorts – thermal sportswear, to give them a good test whilst running.

Aimee absolutely loves wearing the baselayer and shorts - having worn them on several occasions at our local parkrun - with the temperature dropping during the past few weeks, these provided excellent insulation from the elements. In fact, the baselayer and shorts are made in such a way that they stay close to your body, thus keeping the heat in and the cold out.

Aimee runs a fast pace over 5k, averaging 5 min/km and has got several personal bests whilst wearing these, and I believe the ability to keep your temperature controlled and close to your skin, allows you to achieve more than you thought possible.

Help your kids to beat the chill with Sub Cold baselayer and Sub Cold Shorts – thermal sportswear that delivers exceptional warmth in cold conditions.

Inside, its super-soft internal fibres provide excellent insulation from the elements and help to ward off injury by keeping your child's muscles at their optimum performance temperatures. Unlike alternative, bulky cold weather garments, its lightweight design enables maximum freedom of movement, whilst still efficiently wicking moisture away from the skin, helping your child to stay dry.

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