Cloudrunner from On - a fantastic shoe for running the Tonbridge Half Marathon

The Cloudrunner makes concrete easy. An enforced CloudTec® system with 15 high-profile Clouds absorbs heavy impact and provides the best stability and underfoot protection. The Cloudrunner is equipped with the all-new Speedboard to unleash the natural energy of your feet and promote an efficient running gait. Win the battle beneath your feet and transform impact into a light, natural run.

The Cloudrunner is designed for high-impact runs, long training sessions and endurance runs. Run on clouds: build your endurance, prevent injury and reduce recovery times.

At first the shoes look as if they may be made for athletes and ultra runners looking to increase their speed and distance, from the style and the CloudTec® rubber compound under the shoe, but that is simply not the case.

I've been running for a few years, and have been training for the Tonbridge Half marathon which I took part in on Sunday 28th September.

I find these shoes very comfortable and easy to wear. They are especially good at road running, although they are suited also to running on trails.

When I was running the half marathon, I could feel my feet ease onto the road, and not hit the ground hard like some trainers I've worn. The 15 high-profile Clouds underneath the shoe, take all the impact and you do actually feel like you are running on grass and not concrete.

A couple of miles into the race, I followed another runner wearing the same shoes, and could see that he was as comfortable as me in his Cloudrunner shoes.

Another factor, which I like is that my feet don't feel as though they are getting hot. As a runner this is important because if your feet get too hot, they sweat, and if the sweat stays too close to your skin - blisters will appear. Thankfully the shoes are designed to allow air to pass around your feet - allowing them to keep cool.

I was very lucky to be given the chance to try these shoes, and have used them in all my training runs, including a weekly 5k parkrun in Tonbridge, Kent and have seen my pace improve to around 5 minutes per kilometre, and I have been able to run on both grass and road comfortably, and can really feel the difference the shoes are making.

All in all, a fantastic running shoe for anyone looking to improve their pace or finding that their current running shoe is not adequate to their needs.

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