Meridians New Peanut and Almond Bars

Grabbing a delicious healthy snack while on-the-go has just got easier with brand new Meridian Peanut Bar and Meridian Almond Bar - the nuttiest nut bars to provide protein-rich energy.

Literally crammed full of nuts, Meridians bars feature all the nutty goodness and taste that has made Meridians jars of nut butters so popular with nut lovers, now in a handy-size bar.

Each delicious nut bar offers a high content of nuts, providing an excellent source of nutrients and energy. The bars have been developed to a simple recipe of the finest ingredients to support a healthier lifestyle and like all Meridian products; there are no hidden nasties.

A satisfyingly tasty choice for busy people, these high energy snacks are perfect for healthy snacking. Protein is provided naturally from Meridian's roasted nuts and not by added processed protein that is found in most other protein bars.

We were lucky enough to be able to try some of the Meridian nut bars. I don't like Peanut butter - I find it too sticky - so wasn't sure I would like these bars. But, buy, was I wrong. They are deliciously soft and chewy and I felt like I had loads of energy after eating one. They gave me the energy I needed before I went for a run, and also a great tasting snack in my lunchbox at work.

The bars are suitable for vegans and are gluten, dairy, soya and wheat-free. They are available in Holland and Barrett and independent health stores, priced at £1.19 (RSP) for the Peanut Bar and £1.49 (RSP) for the Almond Bar.

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