Going back to school, and back to packed lunches can be a daunting prospect! Every parent wants their child to eat healthily and research by the Children's Food Trust backs up the importance of this by showing that :

"when children eat a healthy, nutritious lunch their concentration and learning is better in the afternoon" (see http://www.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk/parents/does-it-matter for the full article)

The problem for most of us is time. With busy schedules and hectic mornings it can be hard to make healthy lunches a reality. This is where the new Yumbox lunchbox is here to help.

The Yumbox lunchbox is designed to be:

Nutritionally balanced - Yumbox's illustrated tray guides you to pack all of the food groups (there are sections for protein, grains, vegetables, fruit and dairy and a dip well / small space for a treat)
Portion controlled - the removable Yumbox tray is pre-portioned to give the perfect balance for a child between 3-8 years of age
Leakproof - one lid seals all of the Yumbox compartments so that you can pack yoghurt and puree next to sandwiches with no fears of leaks (this has an added bonus of keeping food fresh so you can pack it the night before)
Highly practical - the removable tray is dishwasher proof and the catch is easy for kids to open
Green - by cutting down the number of bags and cling-film you use in each lunch the re-usable Yumbox is a waste-free alternative to traditional packed lunches
Educational - by teaching children what constitutes a healthy, balanced, diet the fun way

To find out more simply visit our website at www.yumbox-uk.co.uk.

Other resources which are worth bookmarking to help on your quest for a healthy lunch are

www.eatsamazing.co.uk who has a fantastic blog full of healthy, simply, lunch ideas as well as some fantastic ideas of novel proteins, vegetables etc which might help give you ideas for new lunchbox fillers
http://capturebylucy.com/bento-babies/ - who has some top tips as well as some great idea of how to raid your kids toy cupboard to make lunches fun

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To find out more simply visit our website at www.yumbox-uk.co.uk