Food is more than just fuel with Chia Charge

Food is more than just fuel and it should taste good as well as doing you good! Harnessing the power of chia seeds and crafting them into chia seed bars and more!

Flapjacks, Trail Mix and Chia Charge drink - have been used all over the world from the US to Nepal by fantastic and amazing athletes.

For the sugar and gluten conscious consumers, we've created the Sugar Free, Gluten Free Chia Charge Pack.

I love Chia Charge bars and I'll tell you why.

I love flapjacks as the oats leave me feeling full with enough energy for a long run. But Chia Charge bars so so packed full of oats and chia seeds and fabulous ingredients, that I know that if I have a Chia Charge bar before my running I will have enough energy to last.

The original bars are lovely and soft to eat, and the banana bars are also soft, but packed with bananas to give you that extra something.

The bars also contain sea salt, to help replace the salt lost through exercise.

All in all, a fantastic tasting product which gives anyone the energy they need for long runs and all sorts of sports.

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