9bar nutrition

Get a head start with 9bar nutrition

Nutritional demands vastly increase during high levels of physical activity to sustain enhanced energy, stamina, body maintenance and recovery. 9bar’s unique mix of seeds and other natural ingredients provides a valuable, convenient and delicious source of nutritionally dense energy ideal for both physical endurance and immediate impact.

9bar naturally contains essential fatty and amino acids, providing energy and cellular repair while helping to protect against stress and inflammation often experienced during long periods of training and competition. 9bar also provides a range of energy enhancing and body building vitamins and minerals, all in an easily digestible, compact form.

We were delighted when we were offered the chance to try some delicious 9bars. They are available in a range of tastes, and what is great is they are fabulously crunchy and with a layer of chocolate on the top even more delicious.

My favourite by far is the Almond and Raspberry 9bar Breakfast bar. This is a great bar to have if you have missed breakfast or need a top up mid morning. Again, these are full of flavour and a healthy snack.

Athletes find that 9bar is easily digestible and helps during training, competing and after the event. That’s why 9bar has such an enduring appeal for so many athletes. Check out Team 9bar athletes on www.9bar.com

The 9bar range is available from independent stores nationwide, online and from Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrison’s, EH Booths and Holland & Barrett.

Take a look at http://www.9bar.com/shop for more information.