100% Natural Hydration for the whole family with Elete

Elete and CitriLyte are aimed at the sports market because most global sports drinks brands have targeted the active population with the marketing message that they need to be correctly hydrated in order to perform at their optimum and they also need to replace the electrolytes they lose through exercise to help prevent cramps and muscle fatigue.

Both messages are correct, however, what is not ‘told’ is that these products do not contain the correct mix of electrolytes and they often contain artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives – hardly the ‘cocktail’ a knowledgeable person concerned with their health would choose to drink.

For what they are, they are also very expensive. Elete is a concentrated source of naturally derived (from the Great Salt Lake) electrolytes that the individual (or team) can readily mix with water or cordial or fruit juice or a carbohydrate or protein concentrate to tailor make their own sports drink.

elete™ electrolyte add-in is an all natural liquid electrolyte concentrate that can be added to water, juice, smoothies or even food to provide essential electrolytes for effective hydration.

• Provides essential electrolytes to support hydration
• Aides Concentration and Mental Focus
• 100% Natural with no added sugar, flavourings, colourings or preservatives
• No sticky mess or extra cleaning
• Significantly cheaper than other electrolyte products
• Includes readily assimilated Magnesium, which is vital for energy production, muscle relaxation and stress management.

“elete™ is fantastic! We use it for the whole family on a daily basis. It’s the only product we found that is natural and we can give to our kids”

“Living with small children can be difficult, especially during the summer. I have read that dehydration in children can lead to them becoming more challenging; since putting elete™ in their bottles I have noticed that they are more relaxed and can concentrate for longer periods”

“We have been using elete™ for around 3 months now and really feel a difference. My husband uses it at the gym, I use it at Yoga and I put a few drops in my daughter’s bottle for her to take to school”

I was sceptical about something which I had not tried and had not that much knowledge about, but for purposes of review I was willing to give it a go. My daughter and I were preparing for our local Parkrun and I asked her what she wanted to drink. her reply was simply water. So I put some water in a bottle and added a few drops of elete. This product is amazing as it has not after taste, you cant taste it in water or any other drinks and it provides you with more than enough hydration for your races.

I asked my daughter if she could taste anything in the water and she said no, and I explained what elete was and she was happy as it had no taste and didn't discolour her water.

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