FitSip – 100% Hands-free Hydration



FitSip® is a comfortable, ergonomically designed sports armband containing a lightweight, refillable 200ml hydration pack. It’s for runners who don’t like to carry bottles – perfect for runs of an hour or two, or for between water stations on longer runs.

We were privileged to be offered a FitSip® to review. Initially I was a bit wary, as I wasn't sure how you could fill it up easily and then attach to your arm and get the inner bottle fitted. But my concerns were short lived. Its aeasy to remove the inner bottle and fill it up and then put back in the outer cover. This proved very useful on one of my long runs when I needed a drink, and I actually forgot about the FitSip® on my arm, that it was a relief when I realised I had some water, just I wasn't carrying it in my hands.


With FitSip’s® unique hands-free design, and anti-slosh hydration pack, you can sip as you run and say goodbye to awkward hand-held bottles and cumbersome back-packs.

And FitSip isn’t just for runners…

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