Fun in the park with the new Air Hogs Titan

My son and I were invited to try out the great new Air Hogs Titan - a huge polystyrene glider which you throw in the park and does all sorts of loops.

As soon as my son saw the Air Hogs Titan in its packet - he knew he wanted to try it out.

We headed for our local park to give him enough space to run around and throw it in the air. Its very easy to assemble, with the wings slotting in each side and the tail slots in at the back. There are a selection of stickers to decorate the glider to make it look even more cooler. It is quite large, so is quite hard for the little ones to throw, but is perfect for adults and older children to throw.

We loved watching it do many loops and seeing how far it could go, and when it crashed to the ground my son thought it was hilarious. The hardest part is trying to get it to land perfectly so it doesn't bang on the ground !

Its perfect for a sunny day when there aren't many people around in the park and you can do a long run up and watch it glide around.

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