Great-value gaming headset for the ultimate online experience

Gioteck, the award-winning independent gaming accessories manufacturer, has announced the launch of the new wired EX-03R headset for PlayStation 4.

Designed to offer users enhanced sound and voice quality, the EX-03R headset features a superior sound chamber for fuller HD audio and sound clarity as well as a noise-cancelling microphone for clear voice communication during intense gaming sessions.

The gaming experience is also enhanced by the headset’s quality design, offering users maximum comfort during gameplay. The headset’s ultra-light, over-ear design comes armed with a flexible ear hook to customise the perfect fit as well as an in-ear rubber cushion to ensure the ear buds sit comfortably and external ambient noise is reduced.

Finished in a rubberised and piano gloss black finish with anti-twist cables, the EX-03R stands out from the crowd. Check it out below:

Key features:
• Flexible Earhook
• Anti-Twist Cable
• Increased Sound Chamber
• In-Ear Rubber Cushion
• Superior Fit and Finish
• Rich Detailed HD Audio
• Controller Connection
• Enhanced Audio Clarity

The EX-03R is part of Gioteck’s range of PS4 headsets that also includes the EX-03, AX1-R, HS1 and EX-05s. The new range of headsets has been created to give gamers a third-party alternative to official Playstation products, offering them unique chat and audio headsets with cutting-edge design at affordable prices.

The EX-03R is available now from £10 - £15 in retailers including Game, Asda and Tesco. For more information and to join our mailing list visit www.gioteck.com

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